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Early Release ’05 Castillo Ygay Rioja

March 27, 2014

castillo ygay riojaWe’re very excited about this new arrival! Castillo Ygay is an iconic Rioja made by the oldest estate in the region Bodegas Marqués de Murrieta.

This is their flagship wine produced only in great vintages with each release being highly anticipated and praised. 95 Points Wine Enthusiast, 94 Points Wine & Spirits … you get the idea! The fruit comes from 85 year-old vines from a single vineyard. The Tempranillo is aged in American oak, and Mazuelo in new French oak for 30 months and another 3 years in bottle (minimum oak time is 2 years for Gran Reserva, and 3 years in bottle before release). This vintage was released “early” in late 2013 in response to unyielding demand and an early sellout of ’04.

Though Bodegas Marqués de Murrieta are a historical producer, their Rioja is not done in an old, oxidative style (which for most modern-day drinkers is a good thing). It’s still considered youthful (as most Riojas at this end of the market will age for decades) but completely drinkable now with some oxygenating.

Rioja lovers will not want to miss this! Expect a wine that is full-bodied with fleshy pure fruit, savoury notes and aromatic red and black cherry fruit. Smoke and spice back it up with enormous depth and great balance.

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Sausage Fest!

August 12, 2013

Step aside, Jazz Fest. Beer Fest, you’ve had your fun. It’s time to salute the humble Sausage!Sausage Fest

August 12-18 is Sausage Fest. A celebration of all things Sausage! A bruhaha for the Banger! A Frankfurter fiesta!

At Obladee we are no stranger to the sausage and to show our extra love of the link we offer the following special:

– “Fire in the Belly” board $15*!

– Pair with a pint of any local craft beer on tap $20!

* pick any 3 local spicy sausages. Comes with all the regular fixin’s of pickles, olives, baguette & 2 accompaniments!

Sausage Fest

Hi Ho Silver! New Business of the Year

February 1, 2013

Obladee wins SILVER at the 2013 Halifax Chamber of Commerce Awards for New Business of The Year!

obladee chamber award

credit: Dean Casavechia

(Yes, we’ve seen better pictures of ourselves. But, no matter!)

There are important people to thank:

Halifax Chamber of Commerce – thank you for the recognition, and the important work you do in promoting this city and celebrating entrepreneurial spirit.

Customers – thank you for appreciating what we do and for your remarkable appetite for wine, cheese and charcuterie. Thank you for being curious and for spreading the word, and for hugging the staff when you’ve really, really enjoyed yourself.

Mentor – thank you Peter Smit of happinez wine bar, for your time, patience, guidance and support. We wouldn’t be quite the Obladee we are today without you.

Staff – Justin, Andrew, Stefan, Meriah, Melissa, Rankin, Martin, Amy. Thank you for staying up late, for memorizing obscure grape blends and unpronouncable cheeses, for being the reason why people come back, and for genuinely caring about our little spot.

We’re very proud of our award. A big congratulations to our fellow finalists and winners!

A Cheese Festival Postcard

June 6, 2012

As mentioned in our last post, a couple of us cheese keeners attended a little cheese festival in Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario this past weekend. Here are some highlights:


Brebette from Ewenity Dairy, Fergus ON. Sheep's milk, soft, bloomy rind. Citrusy, herbaceous, mineral.

Artisan Cheeses

Some premium artisan ON & QC cheeses. C'Est Bon Chèvre, St Mary's ON (top right corner) & Pied-de-Vent, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, QC (soft bloomy rind at 10 o'clock) were TOPS

Salt Spring Island Cheese Co

Salt Spring Island Cheese Co, BC

Picton's Crystal Palace

Picton's Crystal Palace - AKA The Tasting Room

Venison Saucisson

Venison Saucisson & Chorizo from Seed to Sausage

Alfred le Fermier

Fromagerie La Station's famously floral & nutty Alfred le Fermier

Beau's Brewery

Terrific IPA and Lager from Beau's Brewery

Rosehall Run

Rosehall Run's 09 Pinot Noir. Classy, Bergundian, cool-climate style.

Huff Estates

Huff Estates - 09 South Bay Chardonnay - steely superbness.


A homemade Touton made by a friendly Newfoundland & Labrador woman next door to our B&B. For the mainlanders: A Touton is fried bread dough. Tastes like a squished, flakeless croissant. Heaven.

Blue Juliette

The delectable Blue Juliette from Salt Spring Island Cheese Co.

La Pyramide

The fantastically mouth - and eye - watering La Pyramide from Agassiz, BC

Cheesy Poetry Contest Winners

October 24, 2011

A big congrats to our Cheesy Poetry Contest winner: Harold David Rennie! Enjoy your 2 tickets to Neptune’s Lost – A Memoir and a $50 Gift Card from us!

2nd place goes to @MrWordsWorth! A complimentary 2-glasses of wine & cheese/charctuterie board for you!

Thanks to everyone who participated. We had so many creative entries! We’ll be following up by email to offer you all a little thank-you treat!


Galileo, pondering cheese (we think)

E pur si move
Harold David Rennie
1st Place
After he recanted, Galileo
 may have gone home and settled down
 to a bit of wine and cheese.
 Perhaps he saw the planets
 of Asiago, Caciocavallo,
 Mascarpone,and Castelmagno
 orbiting his cup of sunny wine.
 A Copernican with Falernian, he knew
 That it was true.
Evenings, in a local wine bar,
 The going home postponed,
 Decanting, not recanting, our concern.
 We know that orbits change quite often
 and holes in cheese lead to other worlds.   
 Sunset-orange cheeses
 gravitate with us to sunny
 glasses of red and white
 against the night.

Mr Words Worth
2nd Place
Perhaps this
is full of holes
any way you choose
to slice
you can grill me
all you want
but i still think
cheese is nice