Small, casual wine bar in downtown Halifax, with thoughtful wines by-the-glass, small-batch cheese and charcuterie with memorable plates to share.
Obladee Wine Bar Halifax

1600 Barrington St, Halifax, NS
(902) 405-4505  •
Mon-Thurs, Sun: 4pm – midnight, Fri-Sat: 4pm – 1am


We think a great wine list speaks to all people. Something for every budget, every preference, from every corner of the winemaking world. We celebrate wines made by real human beings, from land they look after, with intentions that are honest. We believe comfort zones are for thermostats, not for wine lists, and that gently forcing you to navigate new wine frontiers is a good thing. And finally: change. Every few weeks. Because the static, leather-bound wine list went out with the Trans Am.


It would be a lot easier to have a big truck deliver ingredients to our door each week. But the big truck never seems to have what we want. We deal with dozens of small suppliers who specialize in everything from pork to parsnips; tea to tumeric. In many cases we know them by name and pay them face-to-face, which means better relationships and better products. Our food program is small but thoughtful; simple but elevated with dishes designed to be shared and devoured with fervour. And always with wine in mind.


Want to learn more about wine? We offer private tastings for groups of 6 or more! These are seated, Sommelier-led tastings that educate AND celebrate all things wine. Sessions run for about 1.5 hours with start times between 4-6:30pm. See below for a list of our available themes and packages:

$30 per person + tax + service
Here we taste and discuss 4 main styles of Nova Scotian wine while incorporating aspects of the Nova Scotian wine region as a whole.

$30 per person + tax + service
We taste and discuss 4 major styles of wine and learn how to properly assess and evaluate wine through sight, smell and taste.

$40 per person + tax + service
We taste and discuss 4 major styles of wine and 4 major types of cheese. We learn how to properly assess and evaluate them through sight, smell and taste and how to properly pair them together to get the most out of both. We cover basic food and wine pairing principles that can be broadly applied to any food and wine match.

$30 per person + tax + service
Get to know your Gouda, befriend the Bloomy Rind! Here we get acquainted with the major types of cheeses, learn how they’re made, aged and how to properly assess and evaluate them.

$30 per person + tax + service
While many of us love wine and many more are mad about chocolate, the uncomfortable truth is that not all chocolate goes with all wine. Learn a few tricks on how to effortlessly marry these two vices properly for a heavenly combination.

$30 per person + tax + service
Wine is undergoing a major shift. Just as the good food movement before it, good wine is cleaning up its act – practicing sustainable farming, reducing or eliminating additives, intervening with the process as little as possible and letting the wine just… be. Here we examine 3 highly drinkable natural wines, discuss what makes them natural and what to look for when purchasing your own.

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About Obladee

Back in January 2009 we hatched a plan to create something a little different in Halifax. A wine bar that was fun yet focused; social yet serene. A neighbourhood place where people could gather for thoughtful wine and food. Where service was real, engaged and unscripted. What resulted in October 2010 was Obladee. A small, casual wine bar in the centre of Halifax’s downtown.

We hope you like it here.
Heather & Christian Rankin
(Siblings! We are not Married! …Ew!)


Obladee, a Wine Bar  •  1600 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1Z6  •  (902) 405-4505  •  •  Mon-Thurs, Sun: 4pm – midnight, Fri-Sat: 4pm – 1am

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